Over 15 years of experience: SEO, SEM and Digital since the beginning.

Cdweb was born in 2002 together with the verb "googling". One year before LinkedIn, Skype and WordPress and even three years before Facebook.

Since 2002 we have experienced the greatest changes in the web: the impact of social media, the new way of thinking of search engines, the new habits of people online. Today Cdweb has more than 300 national and international projects and a history of clear and demonstrable results. This is the short story, if you would like to know Cdweb and its team, contact us and get in touch!

Any numbers about Cdweb?

Active since 2002
300 customers with 90% renewal rate and dozens of testimonials on our website
More than 10 collaborators
Launch of the Lambrate Digital Lab in March 2019 with:
7 events already organized (including the Milan Digital Week)
2 brand new events already planned for 2020
Our events are hosted in our Digital Laboratory inside the new agency headquarters, near the center of Milan
Pietro Marilli has been speaker at events organized by Engage / IAB Forum, ...
1 Book in two languages (Italian and English) for sale on Amazon and with reviews in major newspapers
The 75% of our staff is certified in Google Ads
Finalists in the SEO category at the UK Search Awards and European Search Award and winners of the Mediastar 2019 Award in the SEO category

"We take our customers' problems very seriously and every day we help them to face the challenges of their business: the more complex they are, the more fascinating they are, winning them is what gratifies us. Cdweb is different from other agencies because we are used to being evaluated on results, we have grown only by those"

Pietro Marilli Founder & CEO of cdweb