"Azonzo Travel is a 'Boutique' Tour Operator, which mainly organizes tailor-made luxury travels for wealthy individuals or companies.
Clearly not one of the international 'Bigs' Azonzo Travel Srl has to compete with.
zonzo travel is now pretty popular among the culturally elevated and high-spending segments of Milan and Italy."


Azonzo Travel, is a Tour Operator specialized in luxury tailor-made trips, based in Milan but selling its services throughout Italy, we needed to implement a strategy able to improve the qualified traffic, with an important increase of brand awareness and online visibility. These key factors were fundamental priorities, especially in a sector as competitive as online tourism.

The real challenge was to scale up the SERP with many top of the category keywords, considering the fierce competition of the big names of the online travel sector, as Expedia, Lastminute, Alpitour, travel forums, etc.


We decided to focus on SEO optimization (both informational keywords such as "information on travel to Estonia" and targeted as "tour operators tailor-made trips" and generic keywords, like "tailor-made trips") and on CRO.

In less than a year:
- +80% of Users
- +36,2% of Organic Traffic
- 1762 Total Conversions (requests of travel informations / reservations)

Website positioned in first page + di 200 keywords about specific travels and in first page + di 50 "Top of the Category" keywords

"A very competent company in the digital marketing world. A sartorial reality able to perfectly understand the customer's needs and to offer focused and strongly result-oriented solutions. Lots of substance and zero bluffs, Azonzo Travel is very happy with their work. Finally, an excellent personal empathy, which never hurts."
Fabio Chisari - Founder & CEO di Azonzo Travel

Take a deeper look at our luxury travel SEO strategy:

- Website not optimised for mobile use
- Worsening SEO analytics data

The initial situation (considered as the year before our intervention) was this:

Between October 1st 2017 - June 30th 2018
29.500 Total Users (c.a. 108 users per day)

Azonzo Travel still had an old style website not optimized for mobile, SEO and conversions. The site had relatively little traffic and there was plenty of room for improvement in lead generation.

For Azonzo Travel we set as our primary objective the generation of relevant traffic: not generic leads which would just fill in a form or subscribe to the News Letter, we were looking for MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) that could easily be converted into SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) which are actually interested in buying a luxury travel.
Secondly we had to deal with the harsh competition of the online travel sector, positioning the website in the first page of the SERP with many General keywords as well as Top Of The Category keywords.
Last but not least, we aimed for a consolidation of the Azonzo Travel's brand awareness in Milan and throughout Italy.

The most appropriate search strategy for Azonzo was decided after a meticulous study of the customer and on the particular sector in which it operates. Before starting to work on the website we dedicated ourselves to benchmarking activities to analyze the existence, performance and activities on search engines of the main competitors.

The next action was an intensive analysis of the best travel keywords for SEO optimization; we studied the relative volumes of traffic generated by the individual keywords, followed by the implementation of a plan aimed at increasing conversions (CRO) and optimizing all the CTAs present on the site.

First of all we had to optimize the website for mobile without changing its structure.

In particular:
• SEO activity (optimization of the site and of individual pages and positioning on search engines based on the chosen keywords);
• Conversion Rate Optimization activity (optimization of the site and of individual pages and positioning on search engines based on the chosen keywords);

Website optimization for mobile devices
Inserting the prestigious press review of Azonzo Travel on his main pages
CRO Activities to optimize the funneling
Inserting new and effective CTAs

Between October 1st 2018 and June 30th 2019
52.984 Total Users (c.a 194 users per day)
1.762 Total Conversions

Specifically, compared to the same period of the previous year (01/10/17 - 30/06/18), there was an increase of + 80% of Users and + 36.2% of Organic Traffic.
Azonzo Travel's website is positioned on the first page with + 200 keywords on specific trips

Most important result, Azonzo Travel's website is now on first page with:

+ 200 Informational Keywords regardind specific trips
Travel Keywords like:
"Transiberiana Mosca Pechino"
"Trans-Siberian Moscow Beijing"
"Crociere fiordi Groenlandia"
"Fiordland Greenland Cruises"
"Viaggio Antartide"
"Antarctica trip Iceland"
"Viaggio organizzato Islanda"
"Organized trip Iceland"
"Viaggio organizzato India"
"Organized trip India"
"Tour operator Isola di Pasqua"
"Tour operator Easter Island"

+ 50 "Top Of The Category" Keywords
Travel Keywords like:
"Viaggi organizzati"
"Organized trips"
"Viaggi di gruppo"
"Travels for groups"
"Viaggi su misura"
"Tailor-made travels"
"Viaggi per aziende"
"Trips for companies"
"Tour operator viaggi di nozze"
"Tour operator wedding trips"
"Viaggi di lusso"
"Luxury trips"

"I needed a website with an important redemption. This is why I have entrusted myself to those who have been doing this for a lifetime."
Fabio Chisari - Founder & CEO di Azonzo Travel

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